Get quality family time on a bike ride

Trying to find more time to spend with the family during busy weeks can be tough.

Especially with hectic work schedules, mounting chores and unexpected surprises getting in the way.

But squeezing in some quality family time could be easier than you think! We don’t necessarily think of the school run, for example, as a way to spend quality time with the family – but why not change that?

If you live close enough to your school, a bike ride in can be a fun, more active way to fit cycling and family time in to your daily routine.

Or, on a weekend, why not get up an hour earlier and go for an early morning family bike ride? This can not only help get the day started, but also gives you the opportunity to explore your local community and fit some exercise in.

Cycling as a family is a really easy, cheap and fun way to get everyone together to spend a few hours away from phones, technology and other distractions.

Our Lincoln MicroBreaks are a great example of fun destinations that are perfect for families to cycle to and spend a few hours exploring new places or re-discovering old favourites.

We all want to spend more time with our families, as well as increase our health and fitness. So why not take a look at our Lincoln MicroBreaks or cycle routes to plan your next journey and give a family cycling trip a go!