How to travel greener in and around Lincoln

Travelling more sustainably has many benefits – from a cleaner environment, to leading a healthier and more active lifestyle and boosting the local economy.

If you are wanting to travel more sustainably in Lincoln, here are some public transport options you should try!

1. Travelling long distances? Ditch the car and ride the train. You can often get to your destination cheaper and quicker without having a negative impact on the environment.

2. Popping to the shops or into town? Close to 40% of journeys of under two miles are currently made by cars – switch to catch the bus instead!

3. Need to get up hill? Try Walk & Ride. The Walk & Ride ‘Steep Hill Shuttle’ bus is a quick and easy way to travel around Lincoln up the hill, with stops across the city.

4. Find it hard to get out and about? The DialaRide service provides accessible and affordable transport to our local community.

5. Live rurally? You may be able to catch the CallConnect – a unique bus service that serves rural communities.