ParkThatBike is a free cycle parking scheme for organisations in Lincoln.

Businesses, community groups, surgeries, shops, offices, churches and almost any employer with staff, visitors or customers who arrive by bike, is eligible to apply.

The unique cycle parking scheme is funded by the council and managed by ParkThatBike, a social enterprise and cycle parking specialist.

Founded in 2009, ParkThatBike has run cycle parking schemes in 22 different local authority areas, including Oxford, Cambridge and York.

Cycle parking enables organisations to

  • Make cycling easier and more convenient for staff, customers and visitors.
  • Raise the status of cycling.
  • Increase levels of cycle use and reduce incidents of cycle theft.
  • Cut carbon emissions and boost economic activity.

Organisations can have up to four cycle stands free of charge. Successful applicants are then responsible for installing the cycle parking on their premises in a location agreed with ParkThatBike.

Types of cycle parking available

  • Sheffield stands.
  • Heart-shaped stands.
  • Wall-mounted rails.
  • PlantLocks (a combined planter and bike rack).
  • Toast-racks.

More information about how you can apply for ParkThatBike can be found on the ParkThatBike’s website.

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