Cycling on the road doesn’t have to be scary

Cycling on the road doesn’t have to be scary. By following some simple road safety tips you can boost your cycling confidence and feel safer.

Lots of people are commonly put off by the idea of cycling amongst traffic and especially on main roads. However, lots of cyclists across Lincoln and the rest of the UK are cycling daily on these types of roads without a problem.

This is because cycling on roads doesn’t have to be dangerous if you understand how to cycle safely on the road.

Have a read of some of our top tips for road safety.

Cycle Safety Tips

 Know & Follow the Highway Code
This includes stopping at amber and red lights and not cycling in pedestrian areas unless it’s a designated cycle path.

• Be Aware of the Weather
In bad weather conditions ensure you are cycling at a safe speed as surfaces can be slippery and stopping distances are likely to increase.

• Know Where to Ride
Stay clear of the kerb and ride in a position where you can see and be seen.

• Be Prepared
Ensure you have bright lights on the front and back of your bike and try to wear bright or reflective clothing.

• Consider Wearing a Helmet
Wearing a helmet is an extra protection that should be considered when cycling and especially on roads.

• Look Out for Others
Ensure you have a bell and use this when near pedestrians.

• Let Others Know Your Intentions
Signal using your hands when turning or stopping. Don’t risk last minute changes as others around you need be aware of your next movements.

Keep in mind that vehicle indicators do not always show the intention of the driver as they may forget to indicate, or indicate incorrectly.

For example, if you are turning left make sure to wait until the vehicle in front has moved off and you can clearly see their direction before proceeding. If the vehicle is large, like a lorry or a bus, do not cycle along the inside as you are likely to be in a blind spot.

Cycle training is a good option if you are new to cycling or are a bit of a rusty rider to help increase your knowledge and confidence. Find out more about cycle training offered in Lincoln, here.

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