Car sharing

Car sharing

You could save £1000 per year, cut C02 and reduce congestion

You could save an average of £1000 per year, cut C02 emissions and help to reduce congestion in the city.

Car Sharing is when two or more people arrange to travel together, instead of taking two separate cars.

According to recent data, around 50,000 people travel to the city to work each week, with the majority of those choosing to travel by car. So with a little forward planning, commuters can save money and time by looking at the alternative travel arrangements available.

Just some of the benefits include saving money on petrol and parking, meeting new people and having valuable company on your journey to work.

People who don’t drive or have access to a car can also car share. When you register with Liftshare you can specify that you want to receive lifts only, and in return you can help the driver out with fuel costs.

You are not committed to car sharing all of the time, you can car share as and when it suits you and your car share partners.

It is important to find out what works best for you and those you are car sharing with. Car sharing just once or twice a week can make a big difference.

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