Active workplace

Active workplace

Discover the benefits of organising a walking meeting or taking the stairs

Being active has many benefits, from increased motivation and attention to feeling happier and being overall healthier.

There are many ways to become more active at work. From Deskercise, to office games or just simply taking the stairs when possible.

Here are a few of our ideas to help get you and your workplace more active:


Sometimes it can be hard to get away from our desk. However, some simple stretches can help reduce neck and back stiffness as well as help mental health as well as your physical health.

Why not try start by planning to stretch every hour – just taking a few minutes to stop and stretch could help refresh your mind and body and improve energy levels and motivation.

Office games

Who says being active at work doesn’t mean having fun? With office games you can gather your colleagues together to take part in some fun and simple games that not only get you active but also can increase productivity, morale and team spirit.

Office games could include throwing waste paper into the bin, sponsoring a work PE afternoon or even a treasure hunt!

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