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Orienteering in Lincoln

A fun and easy way to exercise whilst socialising and challenging yourself

Orienteering is a type of sport that requires the use of navigational skills by using a map and a compass to navigate from one point to another, usually in unfamiliar terrain and often whilst moving at speed. 

Taking part in orienteering offers many benefits, from better health, to learning new skills and most importantly, having fun! Walking through forests and fields equipped with a map and compass is a fun and easy way to exercise whilst socialising and challenging yourself.

Lincoln has its very own orienteering group – the Lincoln Orienteering Group (LOG) – which is a small, friendly club that are nationally-affiliated with British Orienteering.

It hosts a range of local orienteering events around the central and southern parts of Lincolnshire and hold weekly training sessions for everyone, from beginners through to experience orienteers.

Is orienteering is right for you?

Here are just some of the benefits of taking part:

Better health – orienteering requires a lot of walking, and sometimes even jogging and hiking. All three of these activities increase aerobic capacity and cardiovascular strength. The terrain that orienteering usually takes place in is also usually quite hilly, which also helps strengthen your heart, as well as your lungs and legs.

Community spirit – as like joining any group, the orienteering community is a great way to socialise whilst also competing! Although orienteering is mostly undertaken alone, there is a feel of community among the competitors before and after a meet, and often organise events outside of orienteering.

In-touch with nature – many of us would like to spend more time outdoors and away from our desks and ever-consuming technology, making orienteering perfect for spending quality time out in nature. Spending time outdoors in the fresh air has lots of benefits, from feeling more relaxed to getting some vitamin D!

Sharper decision making
 – taking part in orienteering will arise many questions and decisions, from where to take the next turn to how fast your speed should be and much more. Decision making is vital, and there is often no time to sit and deliberate, meaning you learn to think of your feet, make decisions quicker and think under pressure.

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