Walk more

Walk more

There are many ways to incorporate walking into your everyday routine

If you don’t think you have time to walk, read on to see how you can make subtle changes to your routine resulting in positive impacts to your health and happiness.

The more often you walk the easier you’ll find reasons to walk rather than drive, and eventually will become habit. For shorter journeys, walking can prove more beneficial, from increased fitness to better health and wellbeing.

In Lincoln city centre, walking can often even get you there quicker than driving, plus no need to pay for expensive fuel or parking, so it’s win-win.

To try and incorporate more walking in to your routine, first try and think about the journeys you already do on a regular basis. Often our journeys are less than a mile long which means they could be easily walked instead.

If you have children, a main one you could change is the school run. Currently, 79% of boys and 84% of girls fail to meet the minimum daily recommendation of exercise. It is recommended that children should get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day and walking to school can really help towards achieving this goal.

Children who do some form of exercise, especially a walk before school, arrive fit, refreshed and ready to learn meaning they are more likely to perform better in class and be overall happier, healthier and more independent.

Walking to school also helps take cars off the roads. One in five cars during morning rush hour are taking children to school. This contributes to more air pollution and carbon emissions.

The school run alone is responsible for two million tonnes of CO2 pollution each year. Walking to school is therefore not only beneficial for your children’s health, but also benefits everyone.

Another good way to incorporate walking is on the way to work. If you work in an office or spend your day sat down, it is important to remember to try and be as active as possible.

This could be walking to and from work or even fitting a walk into your breaks. Walking at work can help lessen stress, improve mood and be more fresh and alert. If you work or are based at home, try and break up the day by taking a walk one or two times. This could be first thing or after eating.

Finally, if you are already a member of gym or class, why not see if you can walk there instead? Walking or jogging there can give you a good warm up and after a cool down, as well as save you some money on fuel.

Take a look at your routine and see how you can make a change. Just making a small change to your daily routine could lead to many positive benefits – so give it a go!

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